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AP5150 Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition System

For deposition of semiconducting, dielectric, and insulating thin films such as boron phosphor silicate glass (BPSG). Click below to learn about the features of the system.

Solar Power
Glass Coatings
Who uses our systems?

Our processing systems are used for many innovative applications by various key markets.

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Ceramic Matrix Composites

Reel-to-Reel Tow Transfer

Tantalum Coatings

CVD Production Systems for Industrial Coatings

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is a film deposition technology that provides uniform, dense, high purity coatings with excellent step coverage and conformity over complex 3D surfaces.

Conformity over complex 3D surfaces


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The #1 choice for your fabricated quartzware solutions.

From quartz process tubes to quartz gas injectors, our innovative designs will meet your most exacting requirements.

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Our Products & Services

Our Systems

Our products consist of a complete array of chemical vapor deposition systems. CVD Equipment Corporation has been providing industrial coatings systems for over 35 years. We also provide R&D systems to University, Government, and Private Research Laboratories worldwide.

CVD Engineering

Chemical vapor deposition techniques deliver high purity, conformal, dense, and uniform coatings. To achieve this, we apply a range of engineering disciplines. We focus primarily on systems and process solutions by combining our customer's innovations with our own knowledge.

Fabricated Quartzware

From quartz process tubes to quartz gas injectors, our innovative designs will meet your most exacting requirements. We provide you with high quality, high purity, and clear fused quartz products resulting from years of precision engineering and custom fabrication.

Collaboration Services

CVD Equipment Corporation offers collaboration services for your research grants, funding proposals, or startup funding. Collaborating with an established industrial manufacturing company adds value to your proposal. Through an industrial partnership with CVD, you will gain access to our company’s resources.

Application Lab Services

Our in-house Applications Laboratory staff are trained to quickly identify all key aspects of your unique processing needs. Our scientists and engineers work together to optimize the system performance whether you are developing a new deposition process or looking to transfer your IP to pilot or volume production stage.

Customer Support

CVD Equipment Corporation has been an innovation driven company that has delivered close to 1000 systems to our customers. We continue to leverage our core competencies in equipment design and manufacturing to exceed our customers' expectations with continued feild service support and replacement parts.

Broad Range of CVD Production, R&D Processing, and Gas Delivery Systems


CVD Systems Brochure

Develops and manufactures process equipment solutions for pilot and volume production applications


FirstNano® Systems Brochure

R&D systems for processing graphene, carbon nanotubes, semiconducting nanowires, 2D materials, and thin films


SDC® Systems

Ultra high purity (UHP) gas and chemical delivery systems and installations for high-tech fabrication processes

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The best choice for your CVD equipment and process solutions.

Our systems can be fabricated to your specifications. We know how to bring your ideas to fruition from your drawings or by using our in-house engineering expertise.