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Our products consist of a complete array of chemical vapor deposition systems. CVD Equipment Corporation has been providing industrial coatings systems for over 30 years. We also provide R&D systems to universities and laboratories worldwide.


Looking for a specific technology and the equipment that will process it? Look no further. Here you will find what you need to produce innovative applications for the aerospace, medical, semiconductor, optoelectronics, solar, and other top industries.

Fabricated Quartzware

From quartz process tubes to quartz gas injectors, our innovative designs will meet your most exacting requirements. We provide you with high quality, high purity, and clear fused quartz products resulting from years of precision engineering and custom fabrication.

Lab Services

Our Application Lab is where we develop processes for graphene, CNTs, TMDs, semiconducting nanowires, 3D cellular materials, epitaxial films, and other advanced materials. Our research scientists work with our engineers to optimize the system performance.

A Range of CVD Production, R&D Processing, and Gas Delivery Products


Develops and manufactures process equipment solutions for R&D and production applications


R&D products for processing graphene, carbon nanotubes, semiconducting nanowires, 2D materials, and thin films for research laboratories


Ultra high purity (UHP) gas and chemical delivery systems for high-tech fabrication processes

Latest News


CVD Reports Record-breaking Three and Six Month Results

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y., (Business Wire) – August 13, 2015 - CVD Equipment Corporation (NASDAQ: CVV), announces that it has achieved record-breaking revenue for both the three and six month periods ended June 30, 2015.

CVD achieved record revenue of $10.4 million for the current quarter ending June. Continue reading


CVD Reports Over $13 Million in Orders for Q2 2015

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y., (Business Wire) - July 16, 2015 - CVD Equipment Corporation (NASDAQ: CVV), a leading provider of standard and custom chemical vapor deposition systems, today announced that it has received in excess of $13 Million in new orders during the quarter ended June 30, 2015.

Continue reading


CVD Reports Record-Breaking First Quarter Results

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y., (Business Wire) – May 18, 2015 - CVD Equipment Corporation (NASDAQ: CVV), CVD Equipment Corporation (NASDAQ: CVV) announced record-breaking revenues for the three months ended March 31, 2015.

CVD’s record $9.7 million revenue for the quarter ending March 31, 2015 was 120% higher than. Continue reading


CVD Files 10K – Record Orders for 2014 Reported

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y., (Business Wire) – March 31, 2015 – CVD Equipment Corporation (NASDAQ: CVV), announced revenue and earnings for the year ending December 31, 2014. The Company achieved a new record for bookings as it received over $45 million in orders during 2014, surpassing total orders received. Continue reading

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The best choice for your CVD equipment and process solutions.

Our systems can be fabricated to your specifications. We know how to bring your ideas to fruition from your drawings, or by using our in-house engineering expertise.