HVPE Systems

Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy (HVPE) Systems

HVPE is a high rate deposition process for growing high quality crystals. A common application is the production of gallium nitride (GaN) templates and bulk crystals. Gallium chloride is generated in-situ via a chlorination reaction. The chloride is then mixed with ammonia in the presence of the substrate at high temperature to form the GaN crystal. Doping is readily achieved with fine control.

Other III/V semiconductor crystals can be produced via HVPE, including indium phosphide (InP) and gallium arsenide (GaAs). Growth rates of up to ~ 300 µm/hr are readily achievable with HVPE.

Our HVPE systems can be configured for the particular requirements of the end user.

opens in a new window Erbium doped GaN synthesized by HVPE


  • CVDWinPrC™ system control software for real time process control, data logging, and recipe editing
  • Configured for the end user’s requirements
  • Multi-zone furnace
  • Vertical process tube with prechambers for chlorination
  • Substrate rotation for improved uniformity
  • Loading station with nitrogen purged glovebox
  • Gas cabinets
  • Exhaust gas treatment
  • Configured for the growth of a range of doped and undoped III/V epitaxial crystals
  • Materials include GaN, GaAs, InP etc
  • Chlorination chambers can be added for dopant chlorides

powered by CVDWinPrC

Operated through our CVDWinPrC™ process control software, the systems automatically log data and graphically show time-dependent values of user-selected parameters. CVDWinPrC™ also allows users to load preprogrammed recipes, modify, check and create new recipes, and view realtime or saved process data.

Safety Protocols

The systems have application configured safety protocols embedded into relay logic, PLC, and CVDWinPrC™ software.