APCVD Systems

Atmospheric Pressure CVD (APCVD) Systems


APCVD is a thin film deposition process with typically high deposition rates. CVD Equipment Corporation offers solutions to scale up your APCVD processes from research to production volumes. We have demonstrated our competency in the solar industry, where we offer online and offline APCVD CVDgCoat™ systems to meet the high volume, low cost demands of solar module production.

Our APCVD systems are used to deposit a layer of material typically several micrometers thick onto wafers or other types of substrates. They are used to grow epitaxial films of Si, compound semiconductors, SiO2, anti-reflection (AR) coatings, and transparent conductive oxide (TCO) coatings. APCVD is also used as a surface finishing process for items such as tools and turbine blades to improve lifetime and performance.


  • CVDWinPrC™ system control software for realtime process control, data logging, and recipe editing
  • Processing of wafers up to 300 mm in diameter or glass sheets up to several meters long
  • Operational temperatures from 100 °C to 1300 °C
  • CVDWinPrC™ system control software for real time process control, data logging, and recipe editing
  • Closed tube processing for a high purity and reproducible environment resulting in increased production yields
  • Moving furnace element for fast heat-up and cool down, and to insure the proper process atmosphere exists prior to processing
  • Cantilevered loading system for automatic non-contact loading of the wafer boat for minimal particle generation
  • Cascade temperature control using external (furnace) and internal (process) thermocouples for real time continuous insitu control of temperature profiles
  • Better than 0.5 °C flat temperature zone up to 48" in length
  • 1 through 4 stack systems available with right or left hand load station
  • Independent computer control of each process tube

powered by CVDWinPrC

Operated through our CVDWinPrC™ process control software, the systems automatically log data and graphically show time-dependent values of user-selected parameters. CVDWinPrC™ also allows users to load preprogrammed recipes, modify, check and create new recipes, and view realtime or saved process data.

Safety Protocols

The systems have application configured safety protocols embedded into relay logic, PLC, and CVDWinPrC™ software.