Application Lab Services


Product Development. Customer Training. Continuous Improvement.

Process Solutions

We focus primarily on systems and process solutions by combining our customers' innovations with our own knowledge. We’ve advanced state-of-the-art technology and made visions turn into commercial realities. Our in-house Applications Laboratory staff are trained to quickly identify all key aspects of your unique processing needs. Whether you are trying to develop a new thin film deposition process solution or are looking to transfer your intellectual property to a pilot line or to full production stage, CVD Equipment Corporation can provide cost-efficient solutions.

Process Performance

We offer a service where we can validate the process performance of your system to your specifications prior to shipment, saving your company valuable startup and system characterization time at your facility. Our modular product designs and remote computer monitoring capabilities make diagnosing and servicing your equipment a quick and cost-effective process. Many of our parts are made in-house, which enables rapid prototyping and efficient spare parts support.

Nanomaterials Gallery


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Our Laboratory Capabilities

Graphene Synthesis

  • Multilayer CVDGraphene™ on Ni
  • Monolayer CVDGraphene™ on Cu
  • Multilayer CVD3DGraphene™ on Ni foam

3D Cellular Materials

  • Ultralight carbon foam
  • CNT paper

Carbon Nanotube Synthesis

  • Vertically aligned single and multi walled CNTs on Si, quartz, and various substrate
  • Horizontally aligned single walled CNTs
  • Wafer scale CNT growth up to 4"
  • Multi wafer CNT growth for volume production

Semiconductor Nanowires

  • Silicon nanowires (SiNWs)
  • Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanowires
  • Gallium nitride (GaN) nanowires

Catalyst Wafer

  • Vertically and horizontally aligned carbon nanotubes
  • Vertically and horizontally aligned silicon nanowires

Substrate Coating

  • Catalyst layer: Fe, Ni, Co, Au, etc.
  • Conductive layer: Mo, Cr, Al, Au, etc.
  • Ion assisted thin film deposition: SiO2, TaO2, TiO2, etc.
  • Other materials available upon request

Atmospheric Pressure CVD

  • TCO - ZnO:F
  • Low-E
  • Photovoltaics

Low Pressure CVD

  • TCO - ZnO:B

Epitaxial Films

  • Si for solar cells

Our In-House Equipment

Process Equipment

  • EasyTube®2000
  • EasyTube® 3000
  • EasyTube® 6000
  • Small e-beam evaporator for catalyst deposition
  • Large e-beam evaporator for volume ion assisted optical thin film multi-stack deposition on flat and curved substrates with high uniformity and volume catalyst wafer deposition
  • Sample preparation lab

Analytical Equipment

  • Carl Zeiss SEM
    • Backscatter detector
    • Secondary electron detector
    • STEM detector
  • Optical microscope
  • Four point probe
  • Transmission and reflection measurements
  • Thermo scientific confocal raman DXR microscope
  • 3D Olympus video microscope