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Our CVDWinPrC™ process control software suite is built on a National Instruments LabWindows™ software platform. It generates the programmable, rampable analog setpoints, and dwell times required for precise gas flow, pressure, and temperature controlled profiles. The software suite is comprised of the following four programs: CVDprocessControl, CVDdataViewer, CVDrecipeEditor, and CVDconfigEditor.

Typical basic operator learning time for the CVDWinPrC™ software suite is two (2) hours. Numerous user configurable software features are incorporated to optimize the productivity of each system. The system can also be connected to the internet allowing CVD Equipment Corporation to view the current status of the system and have remote system operation (after local permission is given) to help train  new operators, upload new software features, and assist in diagnosing system problems. During a power outage, there is no loss of programs or recipes.  The software suite has multi-level password protection (Owner, Engineer, Service Technician, Operator) to prevent unauthorized recipe program changes, improper digital, or analog output status changes.

CVDWinPrC™ is the system control software suite used for manual or automatic process operation and system control as well as to view system status. System status is viewed from multiple windows showing various system information including control panel, status messages, time dependent charts of selected analog, and/or digital process variables, digital, and analog output status, etc.

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The CVDWinPrC™ process software executes process recipe time and event driven sequences, setting digital, and analog outputs required for process operation of gas valves, gas flows, temperatures, pressures, heaters, pumps, etc. Further, on a real time basis, it monitors and logs all analog and digital parameters, including flow, pressure, and temperature data, valve states, process deviations, safety status, and graphically displays in real time graphs of user selected analog and digital system parameters (gas flows, pressures, and temperatures). The control panel displays the process step, elapsed sequence time, process set points, process values, and other system relevant parameters.

In the event a process parameter (gas flow, temperature, or pressure) is out of a programmed deviation band, the user has the option to automatically switch to a preprogrammed abort mode or to another preprogrammed process sequence.

The CVDWinPrC™ software has realtime multi-parameter, time sequenced graphing features that allow you to compare previous run graphs to look for process changes. Saved graphs of previous process runs can be recalled at any time, including during an ongoing process run, to allow ease of comparison of process, or system parameters.

CVDdataVieweropens IMAGE file

All process data is saved. The CVDdataViewer program allows the user to select which data is exported to a CSV format for importing into Excel or other program for further analysis.  This allows the user to create professional looking process graphs and to combine the data from multiple process runs into one graph for easier comparison.

CVDrecipeEditoropens IMAGE file

The CVDrecipeEditor program is used for the generation and editing of process recipes that are used by CVDWinPrC™. At each process step each process variable can be controlled, ramped, used for alarms, process branching, etc.

CVDconfigEditoropens IMAGE file

The CVDconfigEditor program is used to define the name of all available process variables (analog, digital input, and outputs, parameter setup for the PLC and thermal controller configurations, etc.) and to setup the initial system configuration.

A battery back-up (UPS) provides power for uninterrupted real time monitoring of all system functions during a power failure and allows for a preprogrammed orderly shutdown on an abort condition by supplying power to the system PLC and PC running the CVDWinPrC™ software suite. The battery back-up system does not power the vacuum pump(s) or heating system during a power failure.

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