What Our Customers Are Saying

"CVD’s core processes and application lab have enabled us to bring solutions and refinements to areas of our process development which have allowed us to accelerate the commercialization of our product. All solutions developed were also fully translatable into high volume manufacturing which will also help our company to reduce time to market. They are a good group to work with and have provided significant value."

Larry Bawden , CEO

"I am glad to share with you the good news that the ever since the very first batch of samples we continued to produce long and uniform silicon nanowires. Suffice to say that members of our research group are all impressed with the turn-key reliability as well as extensive safety features of this LPCVD system which greatly satisfy the needs of our fundamental research program in nanomaterials. We also appreciate the custom system design effort to cater to our needs from your  expert team and your ability to deliver and install in a timely manner."

Jie Xiang, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

"The FN/CVD Application & Research Lab provides our company with one-stop CNT process capabilities and technical staff support that we simply cannot get anywhere else and that help us accelerate the commercialization of our proprietary thin film technologies"

Vincent Stenger, Ph.D, Principal Research Engineer

"EasyTube® provides a very versatile platform for synthesizing various semiconductor nanowires. The configuration allows for consistent nanowire growths."

Yi Gu, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Physics | Gu Research Group

"The researchers at the University of Cincinnati partnered with FirstNano®, a division of CVD Equipment Corp. of Ronkonkoma, N.Y., to use their laboratory and a specialized furnace called EasyTube® 3000.  With this equipment, the research team succeeded to produce 18 millimeter long CNT array which is considered the longest aligned CNTs reported ever."

Dr. Vesselin Shanov,

"It has been a pleasurable interaction with the First Nano process and development team. Collectively, collaborations between the Cornell Nanoscale Facility and First Nano have yielded single wall carbon wall nanotube growth from lithographically defined catalyst pads on full four inch wafers. Incorporating wafer scale nanoscale fabrication processes with predefined carbon based systems represents a major step forward in creating complex carbon based nanostructures. This enhanced functionality raises intriguing possibilities in modern scientific research of widely disparate endeavors."

B. Rob Ilic, Ph.D, Research Associate | User Program Manager

"The purchase of the EasyTube® 3000 will enlarge the spectrum of our research with the growth of heterostructured nanowires, their doping, and with the possibility to extend the growth to a wide variety of other materials thanks to the liquid precursor kits. Our projects cover fundamental aspects (growth, carrier transport …) as well as potential applications (Nano Electronics, Solar Energy, Nanophotonics, MEMS and Sensors)"

Pascal Gentile ,

"The turn-key EasyTube® System is the most practical and convenient instrument for solutions in nanostructure synthesis”

Dr. Wonbong Choi,